Year of the Selfie

Year of the Selfie

Selfies are the new memes. The first known use of the English word “selfie” was on September 13, 2002 on ABC on-line, an Internet forum owned by the Australian public television.

Oxford dictionaries chose the word Selfie as “English word of the year” in 2013.

Robert Cornelius, an American pioneer of photography, did a daguerreotype of himself in 1839, which besides being the first photographic self-portrait is one of the first photographic portraits of people. (Robert Cornelius [Public domain], vía Wikimedia Commons)

Although self-portrait pictures is not new,  the term itself was not popularized until the second decade of the XXI century. While “Selfie” initially was used among youngsters, was actions like the Ellen Degeneres one in the 2014 Oscars transmission what triggered the trend dramatically, as you can see in the following chart from Google Trends:

Selfie Trends


And beyond being a trend that decays, it is maintained through the use of selfie by some brands and of course advertisers. It’s been exactly 175 years since the first image in this post and the following one:

Welcome to the Year of the selfie and the brands repeating  the tactic to join the trend. Glancing at the infographic below you can see the social phenomenon adoption by brands has grown steadily over the past year on Twitter and Facebook. Brands are using the selfie in two ways: To promote competitions and to generate awareness.

However you can find info and news about selfies in more than 10,000 blogs right now. I have listed some of them below: