Vimeo Annual Report 2013

Vimeo Annual Report 2013

What could be better than a Vimeo Annual Report to procrastinate a bit get inspired. This is a visually different and creative report. Anyone would want to click on each symbol and each cell of the honeycomb; however, navigation and information architecture is not very intuitive. An Internet heavy user would have no problem and would enjoy surfing that website, but, what about those who really want to find significant data into the report? I would take a bit more time.

What would be the briefing-main-goal for this project?

Take a look: Vimeo Annual Report 2013

Annual Report 2013 on Vimeo

Annual Report 2013 on Vimeo 2

Annual Report 2013 on Vimeo4


By the way, if you like horror films, I recommend you this staff-picked one. If you are not scared while watching it, you have no soul.

Lights Out – Who’s There Film Challenge (2013) from David F. Sandberg on Vimeo.

I have found the Report Vía Flor Dai